Apple Juice Factory @ Bar Loco

Hey guys!⇒Welcome to see my ever so first music review in this blog. This is Sally, I’m writing for the music section of my uni’s paper→The Courier, which has won The Guardian’Student Publication of the Year award twice! And this article has been published by the paper, too.  It features an amazing band of my friend-Ignas, the vocal, and they’ve done a fantastic job so far and are doing it super hard as well, hope you guys enjoy it and do like their page, cheers!♥

I’m here to highly recommend a Newcastle based live band for all music-goers. Apple Juice Factory (AJF) is a Lithuanian rock band founded last year. The three Lithuanian music aficionados are Newcastle graduates; the lead singer Ignas Stonkus and guitarists Mindaugas Miniotas (both from Newcastle University) and Martynas Laurinavicius (Northumbria Uni). Their haunting songs played at Nancy’s Bordello and Bar Loco create the perfect environment to have a drink and chat with friends. Their music has memorable melodies which I have heard people humming along to long after their show. This new group are performing at various venues the North East, and have recently kicked things off with a new original EP album, with the band currently preparing for a music video for stand out track ‘Tonight’

Musically, ‘Tonight’ has a definite punk rock element to it. I love its melody, as it casts me back to the heart pumping feel of a first crush and club romance. The group tells a story through the slow interludes of ‘Tonight’ and the chorus both stays in the mind and is easy to sing along with. Lyrically song-writer Ignas actually uses this song to express a softer side, as he reveals a part of a previous love affair which gives the lyrics an emotional depth. With simple words, this song has the power to make you smile whilst listening to it.The second track of the album, ‘All in Rock ‘N’ Roll’, has an optimistic sound, with expressive vocals giving it a bright quality. The guitar solo and the bridge takes a listener through a more melancholy emotion, before returning back to the chorus, which raises you up again with its full tone. They started originally as a cover band playing songs of RHCP, Guns n Roses and Green Day which have had a large influence on their style. Yet whilst you may recognize some similar musical flavours, AJF also have a flare for mixing a heavy metal and funk element into their music that just makes them stand out as a stellar band.Overall, it is really easy to like their tracks and enjoy the emotional journey they take you on. The EP album is a great beginning for AJF, and the combination of their talented song-writing lead singer and both enthusiastic and amazing guitarists hopefully sets them for a lengthy career in the music industry. If you fancy enjoying their original songs just simply go to their Facebook page-Apple Juice Factory. I for one am looking forward to them, will you be too?

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