Interview-Apple Juice Factory

Heyyy, hope everyone is having a great summer! The sun here in Newcastle is quite burning 😦 but according to my friends from back home-Beijing,  they are boiling, imagine 36°C... so we’re really fine actually. Yo! Welcome back to my blog, I got an interview with the band- Apple Juice Factory, which was mentioned in my first music review™, has anyone read it yet? Did you enjoy it? ♥ In the article below, they allow us to get to know them more∞ AND, SURPRISE for everyone, I had one pic with the vocal of the band, he’s quite a nice guy..

I chat with the band after they performed in Bar Loco 

You guys are performing in Newcastle and youve done a great job, how do you find it?

Ignas: We found it extremely inspiring because audience’ reactions to our performances were very warm, one artist in the audience even drew a picture of me, I really appreciate that.

And what about you guys, how do you feel performing in here?

Mindaugas: It’s pretty magical to perform live, at first it was hard to cope with emotions, but now we have experience and we feel completely confident – audiences feel that and like that.

Martynas: We find it grateful to be in such a place where live performances are well respected and popular.

What did you study in Newcastle?

Ignas: Economics. But Mindaugas and I have finished last year, can I also say I’ve finished music academy in Lithuania, which I did?

Me: yeah.

Mindaugas :International business.

Martynas :Architecture.

Tell me something about your band?

Ignas: We’re aggressive, cheeky, we’d like to party after our shows, sometimes even before shows. As the front man, I’d like to engage the audience by asking them to sing along, asking them to clap for my band mates when they are playing a solo, we always create memorable moments in our shows, so we would separate from those regular acoustic performers.

Mindaugas: Being in the band is hard, time consuming, sometimes with arguments but it is totally worth it, the payoff on stage is great. We all feel pleasure working hard because we have positive purpose to have fun while giving the world good music.

Martynas: We are spontaneous and highly passionate and we try to push ourselves to keep improving.

And what about your music?

Ignas: Our music is hard rock influenced but our band is starting to gain its own style. We also incorporated some rapping in our songs which is a slight turning point and gives the variety to the music, it’s like a musical spice.

Martynas: Our music is heavy and nasty but in a positive way, it really captures audience’s attention.

Ignas: Well, Martynas and I usually write together and we come up with great ideas and melodies but sometimes we have to wait for ages for inspirations.

Have you guys been compared to other bands? Or other local bands within the North East? 

Ignas: We were compared to Guns N’ Roses a couple of times.

Mindaugas: We sound quite original, yet people say we remind them of GnR, Def Leppard.

Martynas: We’ve been compared to Green Day, because my hairstyle is similar to Billy Armstrong (laugh), so far we are the only band of our type in the North East, never seen anyone similar.

Ignas: I agree because we wrote a lot of original stuff.

Could you tell me which band/music has massively influenced to your band?

Ignas: When I wrote songs, I didn’t think who was it influenced by, but mostly, if I think about it, Guns n Roses, yeah Green Day, RHCP and hard rock music in general, and pop as well.

Mindaugas: My influences were very much by Slash from Guns n Roses, Satchel from Steel Panther.

Martynas: For me, I definitely was influenced by Billie Joe Armstrong’s rhythm guitar and John Frusciante’s patterns.

Okay, let’s talk about lyrics then, what’s the muse of writing the opening song- ‘Tonight’?

Ignas: The song Tonight is about an exciting moment when a boy meets a girl in a party. It describes the feelings everybody has when meeting someone new of opposite sex and it’s written in a very vivid language. I wrote it when I got inspiration from my personal experiences while dealing with my emotions when meeting girls.

Everyones quite curious about the story behind Tonightwould you like to share it with us?

Ignas: Well, I met an English girl in my previous work place, we kinda had some eye contacts, but only started talking after going out for some drinks, because I knew she was kind of inviting me. Then I was surprised how interesting she was, she had a lot of cool stories to tell and we always had a good crack at work, so around this time I wrote this song about meeting a girl for the first time cause I was inspired.

Ignas is the lead singer of your band, what is it like working with him?

Mindaugas: He’s creative and very patient when it comes to the recording process.

Martynas: He’s really hard working, he focuses a lot on lyrics and trains his voice everyday.

And will you guys promote this as a career? Or just for a hobby?

Ignas: We really are looking forward to make this as our career, and it’s just the beginning of our journey.

Mindaugas: We’ll see how it goes about the career. So far, we treat it as a high priority hobby and spend quite a lot of our time on it.

Martynas: Yeah, it’s a beginning of a career for us now and we’d invest a lot of work to make a living out of it in the future.

Next, relating to the MV, have you got any ideas of filming it?

Ignas: As far as the new video is concerned, we need more time to decide what it will be like, but since I wrote the song about partying and meeting girls, I have the idea of highlighting some photos from our parties, lives or just hanging out because we have a lot of this material.

Mindaugas: I’d like to put visual effects of black and white, pencil-drawn video’s.

Martynas: We like visual effects when we film the videos, as we liked our designer’s work, so you might expect some of it.

Ignas: Well, with all our creative work, we cannot predict it – most of the amazing stuff comes out spontaneously on the spot.

Are you looking forward to it?

Ignas: Of course, we all looking forward to it, but it’s gonna be a surprise for all listeners, so let’s keep in touch.