Keep in line

Sally Mu talks us through why its best not to wing it when it comes to your eyeliner


When asked about the best eyeliners, the fantastic, award-winning Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner would be the first to spring to my mind, it’s the best liner I have found so far. This highly renowned beauty gem has been around for so long and is very popular now. I’ve repurchased this product several times, if you are just about to try a new kind of eyeliner; I have lots of good reasons for you to go for it. This water/sweat-resistant formula is housed in a small glass pot and comes in an extensive assortments of shades (over 20) to suit any skin tone, whether you are addicted to classic mattes, or you are a shimmer lover like me (it won’t be too glitzy) — there will be one colour which definitely captures your heart. I’m very impressed with this product as it sets to an excellent staying power and a truly waterproof finish. The liner’s brilliant gel-cream texture is applied with a brush and goes on smoothly without skipping or dragging, a trait which makes lining the eyes a breeze. Also, this product stays true to its name–it lasts throughout the day without creasing, budging or smudging to make sure your eyes look glamorous and gorgeous. As with all such eyeliners, the formula is prone to drying out if you aren’t good about recapping the pot tightly after each use. Top tip, try place it on the radiator if it becomes dried out. The Christian Dior luxurious long-wear eyeliner pencil is also a fab product to recommend, and trust me it’s definitely well worth the money. The highlight of this product is the ultra smooth volatile silicone formula which holds up to its claims of awesome water/sweat-resistance for record wear, even during the heat and humidity of summer and it doesn’t run, even with teary allergy eyes and oily lids like mine. This is a great essential eyeliner for every day, it goes on smoothly, and offers rich pigmentation as well as its versatility, which allows you to create subtle as well as dramatic looks. I bought it on a whim to test it out because I have been so impressed with other Dior makeup and skincare products and, of course, I ended up loving it. It also comes with a sharpener, the liner is made with a soft wood that doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes. However, if you keep the point sharp, it can make a very refined thin line. More to love, with the help of the little foam blending tip on the end you can blend the colour very preciously to create a soft smoky look. The prices of these two liners are slightly expensive, but alternatively, I’d like to recommand the L’Oréal Paris extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner to those of you who are on a budget. It’s also a great product and is very pigmented, you can easily get a bold smoky eye look with a soft stroke.

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