Def Leppard & Whitesnake NCL concert

9th December, 2015

I want to share my experiences of coming to the concert of these classic bands for the first time.

The loud guitars and the rock vocal screams still flash back to my memory and I feel amazing.

First of all, the opening band The Black Star Riders did a good job by keeping the crowd entertained. Even on my way to the concert, when I was late for the opening act, I was told by the strangers “Hurry up, you’re missing out! They’re great!”. And I agree to some degree…

Then the rock Gods – Whitesnake guys came in and I was blown away by David Coverdale’s powerful stage presence. I only knew him from the music videos where he looked cool and chilled out, but on stage – not only was he cool, he was funny and laid back, throwing jokes around between songs and I could just feel his magic from the distance. The experience on stage that this guy has is instantly felt, because he owned the stage and was a true highlight of the evening. And it didn’t really matter that I could hear a little fatigue in his voice. He delivered the goods.

After the break the head-lining Def Leppard came in with loud guitars and obviously a bunch of classic rock anthems from the 80s that I, and loads of other people, love so dear. The screen behind the band was showing a lot of footage and even some statistics about the world, the microphone and the drums were made to glow in the dark when the lights go out which looked amazing. And yeah, forgot to mention that the job of the light-man was spot-on. Perfect timing. The show went smooth but the only thing that me and my companion felt was the routine. Def Lepps looked like they worked on stage, having only a small amount of fun. On the other hand, that’s no surprise when you have that many great songs to perform… Yet, David Coverdale looked like he enjoyed himself on stage much more, which made the audience feel more relaxed.

All in all, both bands are amazing both – on the record and live, and we all have our hard days and fun days. The tickets were worth every penny because you never know when will those cool rock dinosaurs retire… Now I’m happy I saw them. I’m a 90s kid, so I’m lucky I saw a glimpse of the 80s.