Shine, don’t by why—SS16 Chloé Rainbow Maxi Skirt

♥WELCOME to the colourful season! We’ve been through so many dark shades but now it’s time to keep up with this season’s kaleidoscopic trend! Throw back to SS16 runway, someone said 2016 is the year fashion tastes the rainbow. True that, among all Chloé’s SS 16 collection that felt distinctly free-flowing and youthful but still classy, and I’ve got one piece that I’m totally IN LOVE with—the gorgeous Chloé rainbow maxi dress! So glad that I finally finished the whole procrastination process and I’m now cracking on with it. (yay!)

♥Think my first impression when I looked at this eye-grabbing piece, as the stunner walking down the runway towards me (the camera) I was like: ‘oh my!!she’s soooo stunning, she really is!’ This masterpiece by Clare Waight Keller has completely slayed the Chloé’s rainbow runway as imagine taking a long flowing 90s’ festival maxi in rainbow colours, it’s simply every Chloé Girl’s wildest dream, isn’t it? Fizzing with joie de vivre, colour-burst designs send a shot of instant pleasure blazing through your wardrobe.

♥In keeping with that playful and bohemian spirit, Clare Waight Keller used every vivid technicolour on the wheel and got its structure a gorgeous round neckline, drop-waist seams around the hips, and a ethereal skirt, multicoloured swingy tassels also added playful vibes to this chic flowing dress. Moreover, the vertical stripes of extraordinary colours allow Chloé’s vibrant dress to claim the style spotlight.

♥When I was a child, my room was decorated as a rainbow nation, and I always loved anything with a rainbow motif, even now I admittedly am a massive fan of colour in my wardrobe. I would always recommend everyone to add brighter and multicoloured pieces to your outfit, as I always see people stick to dark colours such as camel, military green, black, and grays, which I know this is typical British fashion and there’s no doubt about the versatility of coloured clothes that that can go with everything. Since I’ve been through a dark depression period (it was really sad and frustrating) I can tell that, mood-lifting colours can change people’s emotional status immediately and it’s always helpful to dress in colour-bursting outfit to stay optimistic—which ‘spirited optimism’ and feeling youthful were exuded by Chloé’s SS16 collection.

Ready_To_Wear_Summer_A_Collection_24♥However, fashion is not only about being cool and trendy, but also being happy about ourselves, even it looks a bit overwhelming. Who says fashion should only obey Anna Wintour’s ‘less is more’. Now remember the styling rule–‘more’ is more (Shine, don’t be shy).



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