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Scrolling down Instagram feeds recently, it’s so obvious that the fashion world is starting to look towards autumn/winter16, but we’re still battling the fickle heat and struggling to survive in style for this summer. However, it’s not too late to read on this ultimate style guide to kick-start your new summer style-it’s all about going maximalism to try a more is more approach in these new summer heroes.

Top: Peek-a-boo!

This summer is already a hot one and feel free to bare a little to encounter the toasty temperatures. Little show-and-tell ensembles give your outfit a subtle sexy feel and look very chic, but forget shoulder-baring and cleavage they’re so 2015! In summer 2016, a more demure method of exposure is now to go the eye-catching ‘PeeK-A-Boo’ trend.


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Wear it for work with tailored trousers or with a sexy split skirt for evening, and if you fancy more casual look, try pair it with high-waisted trousers or a midi dress, and the result looks sophisticated and glamour.

A ‘Peek-A-Boo’ version jean shirt will look insanely hot styled with cropped or worn denim jeans, and these double denim combo are also very fantastic with a tan.Peek 2

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Another must-have in summer is culottes, a chic runway staple for the whole year and it’s still a massive trend now. Its versatility allows us to wear it day and night, work or play. They are super comfy and breezy, and it’s always a win for summer.


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Styling suggestions? Culottes can be also styled with a simple striped tank top or a soft tee, remember to keep them simple and preppy or clash with floral or stripes. Or rather, simply throw on a denim jacket or a bomber when feeling chilly, while keeping yourself warm keeps it super stylish— all styled in a way that’s simple to try yourself. If you want to achieve a more casual look, then opt for a polo-neck with dark-hued pumps or heels- it gives a very special look to your clothing.

Supper sunnies 

What’s more important in summer? How to win at summer? Only in the hottest sunnies! It’s always so necessary to choose a pair of sunnies every summer as they’re the pieces that set the stage for this season.

The bold and round sunnies have recently taken over the fashion world, round sunnies add a subtle ‘60s’ or ‘70s’ vibe to summer outfits.


Lakota ’60s Round Sunglasses


Sunglasses 2

ASOS Oversized 70s Angular Frame Sunglasses


70s’ style is a mainstream nowadays that appears everywhere around and it’s a very good trend to try this ASOS oversized 70s sunnies, the bigger, the bolder, the better!

Shoes: slippers/sliders:  


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Slip-ons is the key style of this season, they are comfy and ultra-chic, and a utilitarian slip-on can go with literally everything. Here’s some styling suggestions for all slip-ons lovers: try with a silky evening dress and make slip-on flats your go-to evening shoes, these will work hard all summer, or simply wear with cropped trousers or leggings, very casual.

Wanna make it office-appropriate? Sure! Sliding in slippers to bat away outmoded workwear injunctions and get these on your feet now.

Bag: Clutch:  My boxy bag


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I love boxy bags so much expecially when in the pursuit for a more edgy and sophisticated look, and there’s also loads of reasons to have a boxy handbag as they’re gorgeous, modern, like a total fashion stunner. A carefully chosen boxy bag can demonstrate your fashion taste and turn you into a fashionista immediately.

A boxy bag is wardrobe-elevator, I’d like to wear my Celine Classic Box Bag with sporty style, it just feels so spontaneous. The infamous world’s top fashion blogger-Chiara Ferragni is also a boxy-bag lover, simple monochrome style outfits with boxy bag it’s a best combo in her opinion.

Accessory: Earrings 

The statement earring should go XL this season, they are big, bold and they’re sitting firmly on top of our summer shopping lists.

Here are my top earrings picks to add a little extra to your look:

Update your SS16 look with these key earrings, it’s a very cool way to add a dash of 60s to a simple ensemble. FYI, wear these shoulder dusters with an off-the-shoulder top.


Dream Catcher Earrings  – £3.99      ALDO Bossert Hoop Drop Earrings – £10.00

The zip-front Bomber


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Even you’re so ready to show your skin so far, but it’s always best to take on a bomber with you in rainy and sometimes freezing North East England. Bombers are this season’s go-to cover-up, wearing it often gives people a nonchalant vibe.

Bomber choice? My style inspirations from Gigi Hadid’s cool bomber look as I felt she wore it really chic, and her sporty style is your nights out go-to: wear it over a maxi skirt- a perfect combination of a feminine yet cool look for evening nights out.

Bomber is always ready for anything, and great for day and evenings, For day, dress the look down with slip-ons—and style up with heels for evening FYI, don’t forget to add a choker on your neck for day time cool and evening glam. Try layer it up with a fine-ribbed roll-neck sweater to beat next chills.

It can take on a new twist on your outfit by opting for unusual colours-orange is an energetic colour for helping maintain a positive outlook on life. The result is definitely breathtaking. They’re available pretty much everywhere, and actually the bomber jacket looks best when it’s a bit worn in, head out to a vintage shop.

Bomber 2

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Now, all you need to do it’s to choose your look to embrace the summer, and make this summer your most chicest ever!

Yours in the summer,


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