Best job to get as a student on campus

There are so many different types of student jobs out there and finding the most suitable one can be a pretty daunting prospect. Especially when you don’t know where to start and feel extremely anxious while others are super busy working. But don’t be panic yet, here I have come up with the best student job for you — student writer (yay! How exciting is that!), and hopefully this article will clue you in a bit more about how to kick start your writing journey.

Have you ever wanted to write for a famous publication and become a journalist or contributor in the best fashion magazine like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or the gossiping website BuzzFeed, or maybe Rolling Stone? If writing has always come easily to you, then look no further; being a student writer will be a great starting point for your big dream. If you opt for this, most student writing jobs require no prior experience or specialist knowledge. Your most valuable skill will be your passion for writing.

I would obviously say that this is the most suitable job as a university student, however it depends on your interests and thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I just feel that retailing and bartending works are a waste of my time (no offence intended, but I feel very bored when I’m doing it as I hate tiring and repetitive tasks and having to cope with demanding and occasionally rude customers). However if you are desperately subsidizing your loan and looking for a bit of extra money then that’s fair enough, as most student writer jobs are unpaid so it is completely up to your needs and purposes. However, highly money-driven jobs may breed mistrust and unhealthy competition among students, so I recommend to take unpaid jobs to keep a pure and innocent mind before you experience the reality of the society. To be honest, no one really pays attention to your frequently updated retailing or bartending job status on Facebook (maybe a bit harsh), but people will definitely be impressed when they notice your name on a publication, as this type of work relies primarily on the use of knowledge and innovative ideas rather than physical abilities.

Publications provide students with a wide range of subject areas and research opportunities, which can help to improve your skill set and strengthen your knowledge base in areas such as journalism, science, law, sports and arts. Let me tell you about my writing experience; I’d always been interested in magazines, literature and writing for publications when I was in China and thought I would give it a go writing in a foreign language (English, obviously) for my Uni’s paper—The Courier, and it’s been 2 years since the day I decided to do this. Recently, I’m writing for MyStudentStyle site and basically all my writing sections are focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and News. Now, I’m a fashion and beauty blogger. As an overseas student, I’ve rapidly developed my English grammatical analysis skills and I feel so grateful for those native friends who helped proofread my articles along the way.

I’ve been most involved in the Fashion section as it gives me a great chance to get a foot in the door of the industry, keep up with current trends and say my thoughts on fashion affairs, or even judge celebrities’ OOTD when they make mistakes on their styling. These all enabled me to gain the knowledge and skills needed for my future fashion writing career and blogging, such as basic fashion language usage and writing skills, styling trends and tips and so on.


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In writing for the opinion/comment section, you not only can freely express yourself on everything but also write to promote values, call for change or equality of rights to society, such as gender or race equality, student rights, or political opinions. This section needs you to be really opinionated in your article, which can promote independent and critical thinking.

As for the News section, a student News reporter would efficiently foster the habit of keeping up with current affairs among students and equip themselves with a broader understanding of international events. Alongside this, it allows you to expand your knowledge of other countries and increase your cultural awareness and sensitivity in this increasingly globalized world.

Joining sections such as music and arts deepens your cultural understanding, or maybe you’re bit of a technology geek? Then science or technology sections definitely work best for you. Asides from the options I’ve already mentioned, you can even create your own sections, such as food, sex & relationships or blind dating.

However, it will always give your CV an added boost and put you at an advantage when it comes to applying for positions after graduation.Writing for your favourite site or your local and student papers provides you with writing opportunites and you can apply to the section which best suits your interests and studies.

As your writing experience grows, you might become a sub-editor and work with other sub-eds for a paper, and this will require you to think of your team as a whole and coordinate your efforts in the article. Alongside all of this, it can help stimulate your interest in learning with others as well as encouraging you to explore subjects independently.

Being a student writer enhances an individual’s career prospects and improves social skills, as well as providing you with important networking opportunities. You can improve your communication skills by discussing ideas, sharing thoughts and exchanging opinions when combining writing efforts, helping to foster team spirit among students and achieve cooperative goals.

During the process of gathering ideas and researching for your articles, you gain specialised knowledge and skills such as time-management and multitasking. Also, if you really enjoy doing it you simultenously grow your academic interests and enable you to develop a more solid grasp of these subjects.

A student-run newspaper is a big part of the university experience in the UK, and editors are always on the lookout for passionate student writers. This is a home-based student job, as you can do it online in your free time and submit it to them before the deadline. Being a student writer means you’ll be a representative of a paper and promote the benefits it has for students. It’s all down to you. Like all the other student jobs listed out there, this is another role that often comes with benefits – you’ll be able to make use of the product you’re promoting, and the job title is a great asset to your CV. Be it a national paper or University’s paper, you can find writing work to suit you.

In return for this, there are tons of appealing additional benefits to this sort of work – whilst getting work experience, you’ll also get free entry to venues, queue jump privileges, invitations to after-hours sessions. Again, this kind of work is particularly useful to students who are interested in writing careers, and is a great way to build contacts. This can also be an opportunity to meet new like-minded people, gain valuable experience and acquire skills that will help when you start applying for full-time graduate jobs.

It’s a great work and we have all loved doing it, so we highly recommend that you all apply. People are very friendly and they’re always delighted when new people join. Every week the Facebook group is updated where you can take articles and share any article ideas you might have (depending on which sections you are interested in writing for). The sub-editors for each section will mostly contact you through the Facebook groups.

If you’d be interested in such job, email your favourite websites and write for them! MyStudentStyle is a very good place for you to kick start your writing journey and you can write for as many sections as you want, so feel free to contact us!

Throughout your studies and working lives, the life of working as a writer can be stressful, as it challenges both your intellectual and language skills, and even more for foreign students! I was very depressed when I first started writing; as there’s so many competitive writers I highly recommend that you also ensure that in between your student job and your studies you also have time for rest, relaxation and socializing! The main difficulty with working in publication during term time is juggling shifts with your studies and getting the balance right.

The first few articles won’t be as good as you expected, but don’t be disheartened by that; you’ll get better (I can do it even as a foreigner, so there’s nothing to fear)! So don’t miss out the opportunity to achieve your full writing potential!!

Yours best job on campus,

Sally x